SECRET-SAUCE.jpgALERT: Okay…If you have reached this blog without reading my first blog on BPM, you might find this one even more NONSENSE (which it is) than it is. [Secret: science says it would only take 1 minute, 57 seconds].

However if you have read through the first piece and still interested in delving deep, its my pleasure to welcome you to take a plunge, right away, with me.

Since you have already guessed, BPM = Business Process Management, let me not waste more time and talk about Sauces.

Wait, what??

So, every master chef worth his name would have their secret sauces. try as hard as you may, you wont be able to churn out that heavenly flavor if you don’t know the essential ingredients.

As the picture above suggests, five elements constitute the secret recipe to realizing that ‘optimized’ state: the holy grail of business process management.

They are:

  • Process discovery
  • Process modeling and design
  • Business rules automation
  • Workflow automation
  • Simulation and testing

In this installment let’s talk about the first step.

  • Process discovery – When you look at a process, you see Stages and steps. First take a look at whats going on in there. Do not judge. Just Stay Calm and absorb what you see. Coming back to our Gummy Bear example in the first part, I made the below pathetic figure, if you may term it that, on what to expect while you take a tour of your secret facility. [Hint: Just keep your eyes and ears open, note the color of call-outs.] In case the picture is not readable, you may have to temporarily zoom the page a bit for a better view.

Presentation1What are things that you think are wrong here? What are the things that you think you might do to help solve their problems?

Do let me know in the comments. We will discuss the answers in next part and proceed further. Till then, happy learning!