[Spoiler Alert: writing a use case is way more complex than the below blabber. if this non-rhyme of mine makes any sense to you from a business analysis angle, well, that’s not my problem 🙂 ] .. here goes…

| The use-case poem |

A problem is to be taken like a trivial wrangle,

To untie the puzzle, to solve the tangle,

You must first make out who the actors are,

Count people, machines, look near and far.

Figure out the complexity, if you may,

Don’t lose the source, that’s the (BRD) reference, I say.

Nail out the ideal path, the path to glory,

Primary path, happy path, the backbone of the story,

There might be options where you might steer,

Those Secondary paths might also appear.

Not to forget the exception paths to tread,

When things go wrong, these paths are what you need.

Finally, you arrive at the outcome of the flow,

Output and status are the few things you show.

Thus you touch the finish line, you are done with the race,

And that’s how you write a superb use-case.