*The following is a figment of imagination and DCComics must not hold me responsible in any way for violating their copyrights LOL!*

Gotham Research, The enterprise corporate research wing of the huge empire of conglomerate of Bruce Wayne just rang me up the other day.

They are in deep mess.

Over the years they have been providing quality research findings to corporations and individuals of the Gotham city. They provide trend analysis on anything from Industry IT spends to crime trends in the city (the latter, to be consumed *internally* of course).  They feel now, that to actually transform their business, they need to embrace cutting edge technologies to make the leap forward towards future.

So shhh.. my dear reader, do not tell anyone that I gave you the inside news from one of the most hallowed research firms of the world. Read on!

Content Content Everywhere, (but is it packing a punch?)

Content is at the very core of the GOTHAM’s business offering. Hence the importance of an Intelligent content delivery platform is implicit. And due to this heavy importance I do believe GOTHAM will hire/have a Content Strategist who will chalk out the strategy and bridge the gap between strategy and implementation technology

Basic Asks from a Content Delivery Platform –

“Authorized and Right Content at the Right Timeframe w.r.t. the content seeker”An Intelligent Content Delivery Platform –

Now to be one step ahead of The Jok… err.. the competitors, we must add the essence of an Intelligent Content Delivery Platform to this basic ask – An intelligent content is the “Content in Context” – Content delivery must be adaptable to the Nature and Need of Content Seeker.

The essential characteristics of an Intelligent Content Delivery System –

  • Personalized and Intent driven content
    • Platform must be able to understand/ analyze the category of seeker (her industry interest, her role etc. Obviously the CEO of Bank of Gotham logging in to the website probably would expect reports that are more financial and less crime related in nature, than Mr. Wayne himself, right?), the locale and language preference
    • Platform should be able to gauze the intent of seeker from history (her click history, her previous search history, her peer search history)
    • Platform should be able to gauze the appetite of seeker from her buying history, gradation and role

Analyzing all the above information among many other pieces that I missed, platform should be able to recommend Content of Interest and Deals 

  • Channel agnostic content
    • platform provides the coating needed for specific channel. Content requires to be delivered through numerous channels – GOTHAM Research’s website, mobile app, customer facing applications and social network…

With so many channels (formats) around we can’t afford to have different versions for different channels and Platform should be able to apply proper “Coating” over raw content and deliver across channels

  • Omni channel (content) experience
    • A content seeker may access content through different channels at different time of day/week/month. She should not lose context. Her “personalization” should be shared across all the channels as much as possible     

* A Word of Caution!! *

“the above stunts are performed by Professional, Don’t try this at home without expert help” – A poorly designed and/or executed personalization and Omni channel experience effort cause more harm than good – it can frustrate the seeker to any extent – so to mitigate this risk we must go for controlled Agile/ Incremental approach, no big bang please!

In the next next episode, we shall delve deeper into the building blocks of content, and the transformation approach. Please ask questions, provide feedbacks and comments in the section below here at ITLatte.com or at our facebook handle facebook.com/YourITLatte. 

Till the next time, Happy Learning! 🙂